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Work/Life Integration Programs

“Helping Organizations

Create a Positive Experience”

No More Work/Life Balance, It’s Work/Life Integration:

Over the decades we have tried to separate work from everyday life. Organizations are now starting to understand that in order to have productive and engaged employees you have to deal with the whole person. In this program
you will learn why work-life integration is the new approach to engaged employees. We will learn about the spillover effect approach and how to deal with work/life conflict.


  • Define work/life integration

  • Define work/life strategies

  • Learn about the Spillover Effect

  • Understand the work/life conflict

Wellbeing: The New Currency in the Workplace:

In this presentation you will learn about wellbeing as a holistic approach and dealing with the whole person and their capacity to flourish. Essentially, wellbeing wants the person to reach their full potential and thrive in life. This is important for organizations to understand about wellbeing because when organizations plan on recruiting and retaining future employees, wellbeing will be their currency.


  • Define wellbeing for employees

  • Wellbeing strategies for organizations

  • How to help employees thrive at work

  • How to build a culture around wellbeing

Mental Health in the Workplace:

In this presentation you will learn about traditional and positive mental health. We will tackle how to recognize signs and symptoms of mental health issues in co-workers. In addition, you will learn organizational best practices on implementing strategies for education, promotion and advocacy for mental health in the workplace.


  • Understand best practices around mental health

  • Learn about anxiety and depression in in workplace

  • Define what is mental health

  • Enjoy better wellbeing at work

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