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Early in his professional career Michael never bought into the idea of work/life balance defined as a distinction between the “you” meaning at work and “you” in everyday life. He truly believed people are not two separate halves but one whole person at work and in life. Because of this Michael embraced the concept of work/life integration which put emphasis on dealing with the whole person.

What is Positive Psychology?

Positive Psychology is scientific study of optimal human functioning.


We explore the work side of work/life integration. We look at Michael’s Model for work/life integration to explore why meaning, high quality connection, and
strengths are the foundational pillars to improving employee well-being and engagement.


Employees are the engine of every organization. Coaching for employees in the workplace is the one the greatest predictor of job performance and well-being. Coaching is a results –driven deliverable for motivation, engagement, goal achievement and solving problems.

Work/Life Integration

Work/life integration is the intersection of work and life and the dealing with individuals as a whole person. Michael utilizes positive psychology science and research to contribute to the individual and organizational factors that can help employees achieve work/life integration. No longer are the days of work/life balance for employees, organizations have to embrace the integrated employee. His focus is to help organizations enhance the employee experience through lens work/life integration. In turn, the process of improving work-life integration enhance an individual’s ability to perform at their best and organizations maximizes the employee experience.


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