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This weeks podcast:

the spillover effect podcast guest - 270

How To Build Resilience During A Pandemic

Elizabeth Hunt has a conversation with Michael about building resilience during a pandemic. She shares several insights about emotional regulation, seeking support and positive psychology. Elizabeth talks her passion around mediation and mindfulness. She gives great insight on some mediation practices and the importance of breath technique.   Elizabeth also shares about our need for human connection as we go through this pandemic. Read More...



On this podcast, you’ll hear episodes of my most popular series called the #theSpilloverEffect, a mix of my best highlights from my documentary video series, keynote speeches on marketing and business, rants, masterminds, and any of my new and current thoughts that I record specifically for this show!

the spillover effect podcast guest - 270

How To Help Employees Get Unstuck At Work

David Skidmore is an Author, Speaker, Creative Entrepreneur. Davis shares insights from his book UNSTUCK. He gives great ideas about helping people from being stuck o living out their potential. David also shares how employees can use his foundational principles of clarity, commitment, and creating to achieve what they want out of life. He shares why having excuses will not help with becoming unstuck, and that it’s important to embrace personal responsibility and having good mentors around you to keep you grounded. Read More...

the spillover effect podcast guest - 270

How Students Can Use Social Media To Boost Their Careers

Michael Harris is a Career Development Specialist at Tulsa Community College. He shares about how students are dealing with corona on a college campus. Michael gives great advice on the do’s and don’ts of social media for future student professionals. He also encourages college students to be mindful about building a social media brand in the direction of their professional interest. Read More...

the spillover effect podcast guest - 270

How Positive Leadership Can Make Your Organization More Effective

Shona Elliott is a Senior Leader Expert and Author. Shona shares her experience as a CEO in the healthcare industry. She defines the qualities that make up servant leadership. She shares why leaders need to engage employees in order to have a more effective organization. Shona believes Senior Leaders have a responsibility to create an environment for individuals to do their best work. Read More...

the spillover effect podcast guest - 270

How To Positively Coach In The Workplace

Gerald Goodridge is an Organizational Development Specialist for Paycom.  He shares is passion about workplace coaching and organizational effectiveness. Gerald believes that coaching is about getting employees to reach their full potential at work. He also talks about training middle managers as coaches and how they impact the organization and clients. Gerald shares best practices for everyday coaching in the workplace Read More...

the spillover effect podcast guest - 270

How To Build Trust In The Workplace

Frank Smith is President of Mosaic Personnel Solutions and Business Consultant. He shares some insights about how trust in the workplace is built upon credibility, reliability, intimacy and self-orientation. Also, Frank details one of his fundamental business philosophies in creating trust in companies is employees having access to the business financials. He also shares about the conscious capitalism and the tenets the make up this movement in the workplace. Read More...

the spillover effect podcast guest - 270

How To Have A Positive Mindset Work

Audrey Daniels has a conversation with Michael about having a positive mindset at work. She shares her passion for helping others in understanding how to think differently about work. Audrey calls herself the ultimate encourager to leaders and executives to have a growth mindset. Also she is an advocate for inclusion and diversity in the leadership positions. Read More...

the spillover effect podcast guest - 270

How To Find The Right People For Your Organiztion

Dixie Agostino is the Owner/Founder of Switchgear Recruiting. Dixie shares her story with Michael about how she started her business and came up with the name switchgear. She gives great advice on the best way to identify a person for the right job for an organization. Dixie also talks about how organization can hire more diverse candidates for leadership roles. She also shares her own struggles as a leader and what it means to be an entrepreneur. Read More...

the spillover effect podcast guest - 270

How Women Can Be Strong Leaders In The Workplace

Christine Laird is a thought leader on women in leadership. Christine shares with Michael on the what attributes makes a strong woman leader in the workplace. Christine talks about how organizations need to create mentor-ship and sponsorship programs to help create a pipe line to get women in more leadership positions. She also shares about that women can pursue a career, raise kids and having a healthy home life. She believes that ultimately organization have responsibility to build a flexible culture for women to be successful at work and invested at home. She provides clarity around sexual harassment in the workplace and what organizations can do foster a safe environment. Read More...

the spillover effect podcast guest - 270

How To Promote Positive Mental Health In The Workplace

Dereck Talkington is a Mental Health and Addiction Therapists. He talks with Michael about strategies to help cope with the stress of corona. He also shares about having a positive view on mental health to help people overcome anxiety and depression.  Dereck shares the importance why businesses should value employee mental health in order for them to thrive and be productive employees. Read More...

the spillover effect podcast guest - 270

How To Build An Inclusive Work Environment

Bruce Waight Sr has a conversation with Michael about how he build an inclusive barbershop. Bruce shares how he was intentional about creating a healthy and positive barbering culture in his business. Bruce utilizes his barbering platform to invest into his community. He is passionate about giving back and has several nonprofits and sit on the local and national barber boards. Read More...

the spillover effect podcast guest - ros

Why Diversity And Inclusion Matter In The Workplace

Rose Royal has a conversation with Michael about the  importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. She shares about being a passionate advocate for workplace equity personal accountability and respectfully challenging the status quo. Rose defines what it means to have a diverse and inclusive
organization. She also gives her perspective on why having a diverse and inclusive organization effects the bottom line and profit for businesses. Read More...

the spillover effect podcast guest - jef

Building Talents Into Strengths

Jeff has a conversation with Michael about the Gallup Builder Profile. Jeff shares why it’s important for business leaders and  organizations to understand their role
when it comes to their particular strengths and understanding the role of the team’s strengths. He gives some clarity about how Builder Profile and Strenghtsfinder complement each other to maximize one’s talent. Ultimately, building on your talents and turning them into your strengths in business will help your organization thrive. Read More...

the spillover effect podcast guest - lyn

The Future Of Work/Life Integration In Organizations

Lyndi Zavy shares about what it means to have work/life integration and what work/life integration will look like for organizations in the future. She shares about her own personal struggles navigating being a career woman, a mom and spouse and making it all work together. She gives great insight about trying to do everything own her own and embracing the fact that we all need help from other people, a term which she calls counter balance. She also talks about giving up some of her workload to a co-worker when she goes on maternity leave and discovering the co-worker actually has a strength in that area of work and can perform the task better than her. Read More...

the spillover effect podcast guest - sop

The Importance Of Work Flexibility And Communication

Sophie Preston talks about her career change and discovering her strengths. She also talks about her passion for teaching which has lead her into the training and development industry. She shares about the importance of flexibility at work and balancing her personal and professional life. Sophie believes communication amongst employees is critical to team cohesion and not shying away from conflict in the workplace. She shares what are best practices for good communication at work. Read More...

the spillover effect podcast guest - adr

How To Disrupt Your Organization With Purpose Paradigm

Michael Talks with Adrian about the shift from conventional achievement paradigm to a higher purpose paradigm and the implications of that transition. She also talked about how higher purpose companies already doing the work are showing us the positive impact on engagement, performance, retention and profit. Read More...

the spillover effect podcast guest - lin

How To Take Ownership Of Your Self-Development And Being Courageous At Work

Linda Clark talks about her event DisruptHR Oklahoma City. She gives great insight into why it's important to take ownership of one's self-development. She also gives great insight about being a certified Brene Brown Dare to lead facilitator and having courage at work. Linda believes that the HR industry need to have more real conversations about the challenges in the workplace. Read More...

the spillover effect podcast guest - mat

How Small Wins Build A Positive Culture

Matt talks about the importance of communication in an organization.  He believes organization should implement small things to build a positive culture. Matt talks about rethinking hiring process and why some organizations fail at keeping talent and what
organizations can do about it.

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