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Michael Dickerson


5 Strategies To Enhance The Employee Experience

According to Gallup, the employee experience is the journey an employee takes within an organization. This journey consists of recruiting, onboarding, performing, developing and even leaving the organization for another opportunity. Organizations can’t just focus on one aspect of an employee’s life cycle in their organization; they have to approach the employee experience with a holistic approach. The employee experience is a necessity if an organization wants to retain top talent in their field and industry. An employee requires assurance that they will receive good benefits and proper onboarding, be made to feel included within the organizational culture, and given opportunities to grow, etc. What’s more, the employee wants to have an overall positive and good experience in the workplace.

I believe there are several strategies organizations can start with to establish the proper employee experience. These five strategies are not an exhaustive list, but they are a good place to begin.

  1. Professional Development – give employees opportunities to grow, gain knowledge, reskill, train, attend conferences and receive workplace coaching

  2. Autonomy – empower employees and believe in their competence to work independently

  3. Flexibility – allow employees to choose where, when and how they get their work done

  4. High Quality Connections – create a culture with an emphasis on authentic and true relationships

  5. Meaning – help employees find a greater sense of purpose in their work

Michael Dickerson

Michael Dickerson is a work/life expert, Positive Psychology Practitioner, and host of The Spillover Effect Podcast. He utilizes positive psychology science and research to contribute to individuals, teams and organizations factors that can help employees achieve work/life integration. Michael believes is dealing with individuals as a whole person and enhancing the employee experience within organizations.

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