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Michael Dickerson


The Spillover Effect Podcast w/ Jeff Liscum

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Jeff has a conversation with Michael about the Gallup Builder Profile. Jeff shares why it’s important for business leaders and organizations to understand their role when it comes to their particular strengths and understanding the role of the team’s strengths. He gives some clarity about how Builder Profile and Strenghtsfinder complement each other to maximize one’s talent. Ultimately, building on your talents and turning them into your strengths in business will help your organization thrive.

Guest Introduction:

Jeff Liscum is a coach for business builders. He takes business leaders and teams and shows them what their talents for business building look like and shows them how to get the most for the use of their talents and the talents of their team. He has a passion for helping business builders succeed through the knowing a developing of their business talents.

Special Thanks to  Jeff Liscum for being on the Podcast. You can connect with her here:

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