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Michael Dickerson


The Spillover Effect Podcast w/ Lyndi Zavy

Lyndi Zavy shares about what it means to have work/life integration and what work/life integration will look like for organizations in the future. She shares about her own personal struggles navigating being a career woman, a mom and spouse and making it all work together. She gives great insight about trying to do everything own her own and embracing the fact that we all need help from other people, a term which she calls counter balance. She also talks about giving up some of her workload to a co-worker when she goes on maternity leave and discovering the co-worker actually has a strength in that area of work and can perform the task better than her.

Guest Introduction:

Lyndi Zavy is Chief Operating Officer at OptionOne Pharmacy, where she is passionate about taking care of people who take care of the patients. She is an Oklahoma City native and has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Oklahoma and a Master’s in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Middle Tennessee State University.

Special Thanks to  Lyndi Zavy for being on the Podcast. You can connect with her here:

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