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Michael Dickerson


The Spillover Effect Podcast w/ Matt Tipton

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

Matt talks about the importance of communication in an organization.  He believes organization should implement small things to build a positive culture. Matt talks about rethinking hiring process and why some organizations fail at keeping talent and what organizations can do about it.

Guest Introduction:

Matt Tipton, owner of Why HR, a Pro-active, Education first HR Business Partner, that specializes in Business Strategy syncing with a People Strategy. He is a  local trainer for all things Culture, and bridging the employer to employee gap best known as you don’t know what you don’t know.

Highlights of this Episode:

  • Talk about why is human resources

  • Matt tells us why workplace culture is critical to organizational success

  • Gives some great insight into the hiring process

  • Why beginning with small wins is the start to building a good culture

  • How leadership can communicate better with managers and employees

Specials Thanks to Matt Tipton for being on the Podcast. You can connect with him here:

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