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Michael Dickerson



Michael Dickerson is an experienced leader who is passionate about helping organization create positive workplace experience for employees. As an HR Consultant, he helps organization with strategic approaches to build a positive organizational culture.

He has fourteen years’ experience as mental health and wellbeing leader, trainer, advocate and consultant. Michael believes in dealing with people as a whole person and helping organizations create positive organizational culture. He understands that executives and HR leaders are tasked with the responsibility with taking care of the wellbeing of their employees. Employee wellbeing begins with creating a positive culture for helping employees to discover meaning and purpose at work. Having worked in very toxic and negative organizational cultures, Michael understands the significance of a positive workplace.


Michael is sought after speaker, trainer and consultant in the HR industry on positive organizational culture. He specializes in strategies on work/life integration, wellbeing, mental health and positive psychology in the workplace. He is a Board Member of Central Oklahoma Association of Talent and Development, Certified in Applied Positive Psychology, Mental Health Advocate and the Host of the Spillover effect Podcast.

Michael is a Board Member of the Central Oklahoma Chapter of the Association of Talent and Development, certified in Applied Positive Psychology. When he isn’t helping strategically build a positive culture within organizations with which he consults, Michael hosts the Spillover Effect podcast on mental health, positive psychology in the workplace, and much more.



Love of Learning

Motivated to acquire new levels of knowledge or wisdom



The ability to embrace positive change and reaching one’s full potential

A feeling of happiness because you are doing what you intended to do in life


To keep a positive and optimistic outlook

To have original ideas and create new things


Helping other people see connections and purpose in everyday life

Well Being
A good condition of positive emotions, life satisfaction and fulfilling one’s potential

Taking an interest in ongoing experiences for its own sake

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