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We’ll help you uncover invaluable insights about your organization and equip you with practical strategies to create a mentally healthy workforce.


What We Believe About Workplace Mental Health:

  1. Wellbeing should always take precedence over everything else.

  2. Every employee deserves the chance to thrive at work.

  3. Our faith lies in the power of evidence-based strategies and interventions.  

  4. We’re committed to collaborating with leaders to foster organizational growth.

  5. We’re strong advocates for nurturing a mentally healthy workforce and a positive workplace culture.

Michael Dickerson

Dickerson Consulting Group CEO & Founder

Michael Dickerson, with over 13 years of dedicated service as a mental health professional, has carved a niche for himself in the realm of mental health and wellbeing. His journey spans a diverse range of roles, from a mental health social worker within the school system to a respected consultant and trainer at the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse. Michael’s impact is far-reaching, having trained over 3,000 mental health professionals, contributing significantly to their professional development and expertise in the field. 


A holder of a certificate in Applied Positive Psychology from the Flourishing Center in New York, a prestigious institution at the forefront of Positive Psychology, Michael is deeply committed to his mission of cultivating wellbeing in the workplace. His focus is on empowering leaders to build a culture that allows employees to recognize their strengths, discover meaning in their work, and ultimately flourish. Beyond his direct professional engagements, Michael extends his influence as a contributing writer for Metro Family Magazine, where he shares insights on mental health and wellness. He is also a renowned speaker at major conferences, engaging audiences with his deep understanding of mental health, positive psychology, and organizational wellbeing.

Core Values


Motivated to acquire new levels of knowledge or wisdom


The ability to embrace positive change and reaching one’s full potential


A feeling of happiness because you are doing what you intended to do in life


To keep a positive and optimistic outlook


To have original ideas and create new things


Helping other people see connections and purpose in everyday life


A good condition of positive emotions, life satisfaction and fulfilling one’s potential


Taking an interest in ongoing experiences for its own sake


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