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Early in his professional career Michael never bought into the idea of work/life balance defined as a distinction between the “you” meaning at work and “you” in everyday life. He truly believed people are not two separate halves but one whole person at work and in life. Because of this Michael embraced the concept of work/life integration which put emphasis on dealing with the whole person. This idea became more apparent as his own career was shaped by work/life integration and how future employers could benefit from better understanding how to approach employees as their whole person.

Michael built his career around meaning and purpose, making sure his full breadth of priorities was always clear and intentional. He was able to be a successful employee and an active father and family man. For 12 years Michael
worked as a mental health professional in social work, training, coaching and advocacy. Over the years, he worked with young adults and young professionals who suffer from mental illness and addiction.

Today Michael works with mid-large organizations helping strategize ways to incorporate work/life integration into the workplace for optimal employee experience. Michael is a work/life expert, strengths evangelist, and Positive Psychology Practitioner. He specializes in wellbeing, strengths, fathers in workplace and intergenerational dynamics.



Love of Learning

Motivated to acquire new levels of knowledge or wisdom



The ability to embrace positive change and reaching one’s full potential

A feeling of happiness because you are doing what you intended to do in life


To keep a positive and optimistic outlook

To have original ideas and create new things


Helping other people see connections and purpose in everyday life

Well Being
A good condition of positive emotions, life satisfaction and fulfilling one’s potential

Taking an interest in ongoing experiences for its own sake



12 years’ experience working as Certified Mental Health Trainer
Board Member of Central Oklahoma Association of Talent Development
Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner
Certified Mental First Aid Trainer
Certified Motivational Interview Trainer
7 years’ experience as a Family Life Educator at Family Expectations

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