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As consultants we specialize in enhancing workplace mental health. As your dedicated mental health strategists, we understand the complexities of creating a supportive and productive work environment. Our team is committed to crafting solutions that nurture the well-being of your employees, fostering a culture of care and resilience in your organization.


We craft nurturing solutions.

5 Keys Reasons

Why choose Dickerson Consulting Group for workplace mental health consultants?

Deep understanding of mental health dynamics in the workplace, ensuring empathetic and effective strategies.


Tailored approaches to suit the unique mental health needs of your workforce and organizational culture.


Continuous guidance and support to implement and sustain mental well-being initiatives in your workplace.


Utilization of the latest evidence-based practices and data in mental health to informour approaches, ensuring relevance and efficacy.


Focus on comprehensive solutions that not only address immediate mental healthconcerns but also contribute to the long-term wellness and productivity of your team


Elevate Your Business

With a Mental Health

and Wellbeing Audit

Research reveals that organizations with robust mental health offerings and benefits for their staff can see up to a 32% increase in employee productivity. To put this in perspective, it’s estimated that for every $1 spent on workplace mental health, an organization earns back $4 in health and productivity. That’s a 4:1 return on investment!

Ready to unveil the secrets to a thriving, productive workplace?

Are you ready to reap these rewards within your own company?

Our Mental Health and Wellbeing Audit Program is a great place to start.

It’s more than just an evaluation — it’s a full roadmap to unlock your team’s full potential and a comprehensive program crafted to meticulously assess, analyze, and enhance your mental health landscape, which will ultimately foster an environment of growth, wellbeing, and unparalleled productivity!

This Program Provides:

Detailed insights into the mental health and wellbeing of your workforce

A clear blueprint for action based on data-driven analysis

Engaging educational sessions that will empower and encourage your team

Check-ins to monitor progress and fine-tune strategies

Schedule A Discovery Call

  • A thorough evaluation of your workplace mental health environment using state-of-the-art tools

  • Actionable insights and strategies customized to your unique organizational needs 

  • Targeted wellbeing initiatives that can elevate employee morale and satisfaction, along with overall productivity and efficiency

  • Ongoing guidance and reassessment to ensure long-term success and adaptability

Through this specialized program, you’ll gain:

Choose our Mental Health and Wellbeing Audit Program today to step into a future of heightened employee satisfaction and business success. After all, the wellbeing of your team is an investment that continually pays dividends!

Don’t let hidden challenges hold back your team’s potential.

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