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The Million Dollar Question: What is the Real Cost of Workplace Stress on Your Business?

In a new ComPsych Report, 62% of employees have high level of stress with extreme fatigue and feeling out of control.

What exactly is workplace stress?

Imagine being swamped with tasks and demands, both from outside and within, and it’s just too much to handle. That’s workplace stress for you. It’s like a tidal wave of overwhelm. Physically, it can hit you with backaches, killer migraines, and stomach issues. Mentally? Think constant exhaustion, anxiety, and sometimes even a slide into depression.

Now, the American Institute of Stress lists some main stressors:

  • Crazy workloads

  • Feeling like your bosses aren’t backing you up

  • Juggling work and personal life

  • Worrying if your job’s on the line

  • Navigating through toxic office dynamics

And if this stress isn’t tackled? It’s bad vibes for businesses. Productivity drops, and a big chunk of the workforce starts ghosting—either not showing up or constantly calling in sick. The real kicker? This stress messes with employees’ mental health, making them less effective and hurting the company’s profits.


The Real Price of Ignoring Stress

Often, leaders might miss the signs of stress in their teams. They might think everything’s peachy, but the stats tell a different tale:

  •  Over half the workers are just not feeling their jobs, thanks to stress, which means productivity’s taking a hit.

  • Companies are dishing out roughly 75% of an employee’s yearly pay either to cover for lost productivity or to find a replacement.

  • About a million workers? They’re MIA every day because of stress.

  • Here’s a shocker: workplace stress is linked to 120,000 deaths and racks up nearly $190 billion in health care bills each year.

  • In total, workplace stress is burning a $300 billion hole in US businesses annually.

Those figures are mind-blowing! Employees are on edge, and it’s shaking up businesses. But here’s the silver lining: employees just want to feel their mental health matters to their bosses.

So, what’s the game plan for employers?

Tackling this stress epidemic is crucial. But the good news? Companies have the tools to turn things around. Here’s a starter kit:

  • Offer workshops on stress management training and resilience-building

  • Check if employees are overloaded

  • Cultivate a positive work vibe

  • Regularly check in on employees’ stress levels

  • Equip managers with mental health know-how

  • Roll out programs on resilience, positive thinking, mindfulness, and meditation


In a nutshell? Stress isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a business concern. Companies need to step up and strategize to manage employee stress. The stakes are high, both for the employees’ well-being and the company’s future.


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